Holidays and leisure time activities

Les Aroéven advocate the right to holidays.


They organize holiday camps for children and young adults (4-18 years old) in France and abroad, open to every child. Our camps are a place for education, discovery and learning.

They also are a safe place for children and teenagers, the French legislation being one of the strictest when it comes to collective holidaying for minors.

Leaving is a first step towards growing up!

Today, more than ever in a context where social ties are stretched and give way to individualism, we must reaffirm our commitment to keep holiday camps as education spaces where we learn to "live together” and where we can work on social transformation.

Living in a group, different from the one at school, from the one at home; meeting new people; discovering new rhythms, activities, cultures, territories… All of this makes the holiday camp a unique experience for a child. It is also a place where you can experience new responsibilities, autonomy while learning to live with others and respecting their differences, showing solidarity and empathy.

Holiday camps are where youngster, from all origins, sex, ages, places, social backgrounds, meet up. Our camps are led by trained and experienced leaders, willing to facilitate as much as possible the children and teenagers' collective and intercultural experience, as well as their individual empowerment.