L’Aroéven – Auvergne is planning a youth exchange aiming at using environmental education (via the discovery of European volcanoes) as a tool to enhance citizenship.

It would have two main activities : one in France (Auvergne), the other one in Sicily. Both would be five days long, with the 30 young participants (15 from Italy, 15 from France, 14-17 years old), in August 2017.

Written by youth workers from France, Spain, Italy and Romania, the European Charter on “Educating Youth To Non-Violent Conflict Resolution” can be found here.

La Fédération des Aroéven is hosting from the 5th to the 10th of October, in Paris, a European seminar titled « Educating Youth To Non-Violent Conflict Resolution ». 23 youth workers from Spain, Italy, Romania and France will discuss and exchange their methods, most of them developed in the formal education environment (like peer mediation), and work on creating common tools adapted to the non-formal sector (on a much shorter time frame : holidays, leisure time, ..).

From the 13th to the 20th of August 2015, French, Italian, Estonian and Greek young people gathered to build up a European network of eco-messengers and create mobilization tools ahead of the COP 21/COY 11.

Their aim is to raise awareness about climate change challenges our societies are facing and to organize youth-led projects in their cities, schools… and at EU level

“Non-Formal Education and Schools against dropout”.

This project aims to study the impact a common strategy led by NFE actors and formal ones could have on secondary school pupils at risk of dropping out (10-15 years old).
We’ll pursue three objectives:
- Improving personal representations of school
- Empowering pupils, encouraging their participation and responsibility
- Fostering a good “living together atmosphere” and combating discrimination

The Federation des Aroeven has been working, for many years now, on non-violent conflict resolution in school. We have developed our own "peer mediation" tool, implemented it in high schools all over France. Since 2013, and with the help of academic researchers from the universities of Nantes, Rennes 1 and Lille 3, our organization has been monitoring, on a sample of schools, this tool's impact on the level/rate of conflicts. 

With the barbaric crime committed against Charlie Hebdo the 7th of January, it is our freedom of expression, secularity, our Republic’s values and democracy that were targeted.
More than ever, we must stay attentive!
We shall keep our capacity for indignation, we shall live up to the pacific and generous fight led by the Charlie Hebdo team, keeping in our memory all the victims and the many talents lost in this tragedy.

The Fédération des Aroéven stands with the victims' families and loved ones.

"Aroéven Bretagne" welcomes 2 new European youth exchanges, organized under the European Erasmus program + .

JUST BREATHE ! Environment and outdoor sports
From 3 to 14 August 2014 involving 40 young people in total (8 by country)in Crozon peninsula .
Aged from 15 to 18, they come from Turkey , Spain, Italy, Poland and France .
Activities envisaged : Outdoor sports , discovery of the marine environment , intercultural exchanges and discoveries , discussions on various topics related to youth , unlike in Europe ...

Accompagny youth involvement to build a Europe of citizens

Aroéven 's convention in Besançon - France

From 7 to 9 june 2014