European lands and volcanoes - Partner search

L’Aroéven – Auvergne is planning a youth exchange aiming at using environmental education (via the discovery of European volcanoes) as a tool to enhance citizenship.

It would have two main activities : one in France (Auvergne), the other one in Sicily. Both would be five days long, with the 30 young participants (15 from Italy, 15 from France, 14-17 years old), in August 2017.

We are looking for a sicilian youth association well connected with a local town council, both being interested in developing youth exchanges between Auvergne and Sicily.

Both youth groups and partners would be in charge of hosting the other group, preparing activities to discover the local environment, volcanoes and comparing their local reality. We would use non-formal education methods such as urban walks, landscape reading, hiking, visits, outdoor games (environemtal trasure hunts, eco hide and seek, ...).

The idea is to use environmental similarities (and differences) between the two regions to improve European citizenship and mobilities of the two target groups (14-17 years old; 15 participants from each national group).

We are looking for a strong partnership so that twinnings between town councils and associations (and youth) could be lasting.

An advanced planning visit would be organized in june 2017 in Clermont-Ferrand. We would be happy if at least one of the leaders in charge of the Italian youth group could speak french (we'll try our best to have a French leader speaking italian).

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