Training and supporting educational actors

The Fédération des Aroeven is a pedagogical research movement created over 60 years ago and still evolving, thanks to the commitment of the educational community.

Our movement is actively involved in researching new teaching methods; it is involved in the training of teachers, youth workers and other professionals from the education sector.

Our actions are twofold : in the non- formal education field as well as in the formal one.

In the formal education field

Our association was recognized with a certification from the French Education Ministry as an “educational actor complementary to state schooling” which allows our staff to intervene inside public schools. Our actions :

  • Training the educational community (teachers, school directors, guidance counsellors, ..)
  • Leading workshops for multidisciplinary teams on a variety of subjects
  • Coordinating the implementation of educational programmes and projects
  • Assisting the educational community with school projects, carrying out a reflexion and researches on a specific topic


Partnership with the French Ministry of Education means that we are involved in the training of teachers (initial and vocational ones) and other members of the educational community (including parents, educators...).
Les Aroéven believes in the importance of organising trainings for interdisciplinary teams, from all hierarchical levels.

In the non-formal education field

Our association, certified by the Youth Ministry as a movement “d’éducation populaire”, is involved in :

  • Training summer camp leaders and youth workers
  • Organizing follow-up trainings for youth leaders on specific themes  
  • Comparing working methods at European level