Preventing incivilities and violence in school

Peer mediation is a major action of our movement. It is used as a method to prevent incivilities and violence in school, but it also helps raise pupils’ participation to their school life and improve the sense of belonging to the community.

Many schools and town councils have decided to work with les Aroéven to implement their pedagogical approach of peer mediation in order to pacify the school climate on a long term basis, while creating a culture of non-violence.

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Peer mediation helps

  • Understanding and respecting the school rules
  • Creating a dialogue between the different  school actors : pupils, parents, teachers, administrative staff, youth workers…
  • Promote a culture of non-violence. 


Its main objectives are

  • To prevent violence in school
  • To raise pupils participation and sense of responsibility when mediating a conflict
  • To improve students’ social competences
  • To improve relations between students and between teachers and students  


Our peer mediation method has been awarded best pedagogical innovation at the « Forum des enseignants innovants » in Lyon in 2011. 

In october 2015,  la Fédération des Aroéven met with partners from Spain, Italy and Romania to exchange methods and tools to educate youth to non-violent conflict resolution. On this occasion,  a European charter on basic principles for this “education to non-violent conflict resolution” was written (read here), a plan of action adopted for our informal network (read here)  and a synthesis of public policies compiled (read here).

This project  was supported by the Eramus + programme.