European and international projects

Developing international projects for youngsters and giving them the opportunity to meet their peers and discuss the challenges they face is an important part of our organisation's mission.

Helping the educational community to research new methods and compare its findings is another one : action-researches are developed at European and International levels each year on various subjects : peer mediation, education to diversity and against discriminations, preventing early school leaving...


Les Aroéven are committed to helping Youth build their own path to European citizenship

Our movement believes in a Europe built through citizens’ active participation, this is why les Aroéven supports European projects written by youngsters in their school clubs, associations, by informal groups…

Aware that solidarity can only exist if it is based upon reciprocity, les Aroéven also supports projects, written in cooperation with local actors, aiming at hosting European groups.


Les Aroéven promotes the idea of a « step-by-step » mobility  

Our movement has been promoting for sixty years a permanent and global education. They advocate for youth mobility programmes that will allow our children to discover new environments, ways of life, whether it is during a school trip or a holiday camp. We believe European and international mobility is a culture that still need to be built and this can be done, from a young age, step by step via:

  • School camps and discovery classes
  • Holiday camps
  • Language stay
  • youth exchange
  • Student mobility programme
  • International solidarity project


Les Aroéven defends lifelong learning

As a pedagogical researching movement, les Aroéven are involved in the educational community training : teachers, trainers, youth leaders, … Sharing best practices with our European and international partners is essential to pedagogical innovation.

This is why we are committed to:

  • Develop and support pedagogical researches at international level.
  • Be involved in the training of the European educational community​.
  • Strengthen the European and intercultural education of teachers and youth workers.


Les Aroéven supports education programmes for international solidarity

To understand the challenges met by Youth and the educational community in Europe, one also has to look at what is happening in the world. Les Aroéven work with youngsters willing to develop international solidarity projects. Our movement also advocates for international solidarity when working on environmental and sustainable development projects.