Environment and sustainability education

The Federation des Aroeven has been campaigning, for over 60 years, for a permanent and global education for children and teenagers, allowing them to question the society they live in. This goal can be achieved partly via the (re-) appropriation of social and environmental spaces.

All of our general activities are a chance to discuss environment, climate change, global warming and sustainable ways of life:

• holiday camps and leisure time activities,
• Camp leaders’ trainings
• school trips and projects …

La Fédération des Aroeven is also actively involved in specific environmental and sustainability education projects

• “agenda 21” for schools, recreational centres
• “eco-messengers” trainings
• European youth exchanges

Our association considers educating to environment and sustainability as being essential for the promotion of active citizenship and international solidarity.

The Fédération des Aroéven is a member of the main French associative networks promoting an education for environment and sustainability : Réseau Ecole et Nature (REN) ; Graine Ile de France ; Collectif Français pour l’Éducation à l’Environnement vers un Développement Durable (CFEEDD).