Education for citizenship

Les Aroéven have been involved for many years in education for citizenship activities


In schools

Organizing elections for pupils’ delegates is a way to empower students and to encourage their participation in the school life.  It is an important tool in the education for citizenship and democracy.

Les Aroéven have an experience in helping the educational community prepare and organize the election of pupils’ delegates. Our movement is also involved in the training of the delegates once they’ve been elected.

All year long, our youth workers work with elected students to identify collective projects they could carry in their schools, projects that would benefit every pupil and that would boost the students' participation.


Outside of school, in the local community

Les Aroéven are involved with youngsters elected in Youth Local Councils, where they can experience first-hand citizenship and participate in the public decision-making processes.   

Our movement also considers holiday camps, training for young leaders, youth exchanges … as spaces where citizenship can be learnt and experimented.