Discovery classes - school stays - educational activities

Experiencing school differently

Les Aroéven defend the right for every pupil to be part of a discovery class at least once in his/her student life.

Discovery classes are highlights in a student life

School stays, such as discovery classes, integration school trips … are a chance for children to look at look at their learning environment differently, to develop new competences, to become independent, and to learn about collective life.

For teachers, to undertake a school trip with a class is always a very rich experience, pedagogically, and in terms of relations both with the pupils and their parents.

A school trip is not a parenthesis in the school year. It is a school project built by the educational community in order for the children to experience new learning processes and to experiment concretely their theoretical knowledge.


To leave for a discovery class is a chance for the child to:

  • Become more independent: learning to manage aspects of daily life, to take responsibilities, to be curious and creative
  • Learn collective life: learning social codes, but also tolerance, developing a civic approach to life in a community.
  • Better seize the environment: discovering and understanding your environment and its diversity, understanding the role you can play in it​
  • Improve scientific skills: understanding information, observing, researching, comparing, putting forward hypothesis and verifying them...​
  • Deepen academic knowledge: writing, reading, counting, questioning, communicating… Improving those skills by experiencing them in a different context.