• L’Aroéven – Auvergne is planning a youth exchange aiming at using environmental education (via the discovery of European volcanoes) as a tool to enhance citizenship.

    It would have two main activities : one in France (Auvergne), the other one in Sicily. Both would be five days long, with the 30 young participants (15 from Italy, 15 from France, 14-17 years old), in August 2017.

  • Written by youth workers from France, Spain, Italy and Romania, the European Charter on “Educating Youth To Non-Violent Conflict Resolution” can be found here.

  • La Fédération des Aroéven is hosting from the 5th to the 10th of October, in Paris, a European seminar titled « Educating Youth To Non-Violent Conflict Resolution ». 23 youth workers from Spain, Italy, Romania and France will discuss and exchange their methods, most of them developed in the formal education environment (like peer mediation), and work on creating common tools adapted to the non-formal sector (on a much shorter time frame : holidays, leisure time, ..).